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One Month Plan (Vol 2.)


Introducing the One Month Plan Volume 2! 

A follow along at home complete one month exercise program consisting of highly effective bodyweight exercises, mobility routines, and conditioning splits. This complete intensive training and nutrition program will ACCELERATE you back into balanced athletic shape. NO gym or equipment necessary*. You can start RIGHT NOW! 

Imagine where you could be in only 1 Month.

This program includes:

  • Access to 29 total follow along videos consisting of 15 intense workouts, 9 mobility workouts, and 4 bonus videos and an optional stretching routine.
  • A nutrition guide to help maximize results.
  • A one month calendar to keep you on track.


Unlike the original One Month Plan, Volume 2 does not include any testing phases and can be done ENTIRELY in a smaller space such as a living room, apartment, and even a dorm room**!


*For targeting some of the posterior muscle groups, dumbells can be replaced with weighted bookbags, resistance bands,  the use of a table, and/or as described in the supplemental video on OnlykindsFitness. Watch the online video where I explain how easy it is to create your own resistance and get started with these exercises immediately. (not required) 

**Recommended space size is at least 8ft by 8ft (2.5m x 2.5m).

This is a digital program and will be emailed to you shortly after confirmation of payment.

Any questions feel free to email