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One Month Plan

One Month Plan

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Introducing the One Month Plan. Utilizing extremely effective and efficient bodyweight exercises this complete intensive training and nutrition program will ACCELERATE you into superior athletic shape. NO gym or equipment necessary*, you can start RIGHT NOW! 

Imagine where you could be in only 1 Month.

This program includes:

  • The complete workout plan perfectly balanced for optimal performance gains, progress tracking, and physical & mental preparation. 
  • A complete nutrition plan not only how to eat the right foods to maximize results, but how to track your food properly to achieve the optimal body composition for superior performance.
  • With your purchase you have the ability to email me about any questions that may arise during your One Month Plan journey. 
  • Informative follow along online videos where I do the entire plan with you.
  • When you own this program, you will get access to bonus videos about nutrition, supplements for performance, how to make gains on rest days, and much more valuable information.
  • All of this is accessible in a downloadable (phone friendly) PDF emailed to you directly by me! 
  • Bonus information including:
    • The best all natural performance enhancing supplements
    • Increasing our speed and jump height rapidly 
    • Weight loss and body composition hacks 
    • how to maintain optimal health and balance enjoyment long-term
    • Understanding your body and weight fluctuation
    • A list of commercial fun clean food products to curb appetite and make healthy eating a breeze
    • And much more

What you can expect:

  • A program unlike anything you have experienced before. NO MORE of that boring static crap yielding nothing but plateaus. "This is next level boot camp." Each exercise has been specifically created and arranged in a manner to challenge your body so that it adapts in the most efficient and effective manner. 
  • An increase in athletic performance, better body composition, the ability to jump higher, run faster, better full body mobility, better cardio, better overall fitness.
  • 4 weeks consisting of 14 days of intense workouts organized in a manner to optimize recovery and performance gains. 
  • The ability to train immediately in your own home
  • It is not going to be easy. For the maximum results you have to dedicate yourself to this. BUT I will be right there with you, doing each of the workouts to my best ability. You can follow along with me as I do each exercise and fully explain the movements with our online videos! 


*For targeting some of the posterior muscle groups, dumbells can be replaced with weighted bookbags, resistance bands,  the use of a table, and/or as described in the supplemental video on OnlykindsFitness. Watch the online video where I explain how easy it is to create your own resistance and get started with these exercises immediately. (not required) 

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