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BODYWEIGHT BEAST 2.0 | The Ultimate 12 Week Calisthenics Training Program

BODYWEIGHT BEAST 2.0 | The Ultimate 12 Week Calisthenics Training Program

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A complete 12 week full body training program. This program consists of 12 weeks broken up into 3 phases. It will take you from beginner to beast. Gain muscle, lose fat, get stronger, more athletic and healthy. Suitable for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and take their body to the next level. 

This program includes:

  • Over 120 pages of high quality information.

  • Arrangement of workouts specifically designed for optimal performance and muscular development. 

  • NEW additional exercises to aid in progress and help bridge the gap between easier and more advanced movements. 

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced goal reps/ times for each set of each exercise (NEW!).

  • A complete library of exercises with pictures demonstrating every exercise in the program (NEW!). 

  • NEW Detailed instructor notes to guide you along your journey.

  • NEW and improved Innovative tables so that you can track your progress simply and effectively.

  • & Much more


    Q: How is this program different from Bodyweight Beast 1.0? Should I do Bodyweight Beast 1.0 before this program?

    A: This program is fundamentally similar to Bodyweight Beast 1.0. However it has been significantly improved with far more instruction, better organization, new exercises and much more. 

    A: You do not need to do Bodyweight Beast 1.0 before Bodyweight Beast 2.0, rather Bodyweight Beast 2.0 is a new and improved replacement for Bodyweight Beast 1.0. 


    Q: Who is this program suited for?

    A: This program is primarily suited for those who want to start getting serious about their bodyweight training. 

    • Are you in need of structure?
    • do you want to learn how to properly train?
    • do you want to lose fat and build muscle? 
    • have you worked out before but did not find any significance in doing so?

    Then this program is for you.


    Q: When will I get my program?

    A: If you purchase the digital version, you can expect a download link at checkout. You will also get a download link emailed to you.

    Follow along check out a beginning sample day - 


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