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The God Food Lifestyle | Legendary Nutrition Plan for Accelerated Health & Performance

The God Food Lifestyle | Legendary Nutrition Plan for Accelerated Health & Performance


This is the complete God Food Nutrition plan. Learn how to eat for maximum muscle growth while minimizing fat gain. Learn how to cut fat and keep it off. Learn how to eat right and why to eat right. 

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to gain solid muscle mass while minimizing fat?
  2. Lose fat and get ripped without sacrificing strength? 
  3. Or do you just want to be the best performing human machine out there? 

Then this plan is for you

The God Food Lifestyle utilizes the most basic yet important concept, "you are what you eat". This program tells you what to eat to optimally grow, heal, and transform into the healthiest version of yourself. 

It includes:

  • The secretes to this lifestyle
  • Guide to maximizing your hidden potential through nutrition'
  • How to eat. Explaining Macros. Micros. Ratios.
  • An approved foods list so you know what to buy and eat
  • What to avoid 
  • A custom example "full day of eating" so you know how to structure meals day. 
  • Vegan complete protein food combining chart
  • Easy follow along categories so you know how to structure your eating days
  • Easy custom recipes for maximum muscle growth and fat loss. 
  • A 12-week Gains tracking calendar
  • A favorite products list.
  • Approved supplements that you can take to maximize results 


Is God Food suitable for VEGANS?


Even better, we won't recommend cheap vegan garbage food (i.e. GMO tofu). You can expect to get the healthiest vegan options that still have high nutrition/ protein content for maximum results. 

God food also includes a page dedicated to a vegan food combining chart so that you know how to combine your foods to get complete proteins for maximum muscle gains. 

What if I am NOT vegan?

The god food plan works for vegans but it also works for omnivores. If you chose to eat meat we have a list of approved foods including animal proteins. 

Is this a plan for BUILDING MUSCLE

YES. AND EVEN BETTER. I could tell you to eat more calories along with training and you would build some muscle. Easy. But when it comes to making maximum muscle gains and cutting fat, you need to understand the simple but effective methods and secrets in this plan.