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BODYWEIGHT BEAST | The Ultimate 12 Week Calisthenics Training Program


A complete 12 week full body training program. This program consists of 12 weeks broken up into 3 phases. It will take you from beginner to beast. Gain muscle, lose fat, get stronger, more athletic and healthy. Suitable for both males and females who want to challenge themselves taking their body to the next level. 

This program includes:

  • Over 60 pages of high quality information.
  • Workout logs that tell you exactly what to do. 
  • Detailed instructor notes to guide you along your journey.
  • Innovative tables so that you can track your progress simply and effectively.

This program also has supplemental videos available online at to help instruct proper form and execution of all exercises included in this program:

  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Core and Abs
  • Conditioning circuits
  • Stretching routines

This 12 week program will progress you from beginner to beast! We guarantee amazing total body results. Please leave any questions below! 



Q: Who is this program suited for?

A: This program is primarily suited for those who want to start getting serious about their bodyweight training. 

  • Are you in need of structure?
  • do you want to learn how to properly train?
  • do you want to lose fat and build muscle? 
  • have you worked out before but did not find any significance in doing so?

Then this program is for you.


Q: When will I get my program?

A: If you purchase the digital version, you can expect a download link with in 24 hours as soon as your payment is verified. 

When you order our digital download expect an email from lucas@onlykinds with your download link and additional information/ videos. 

Q: If I order a hard copy will I get a digital download too?

A: YES. The hard copy may take up to a week to ship in the united states and up to two weeks for international orders. However, you will also get a download of the digital copy once your payment is process so you can begin the program immediately!