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Fit Over 40 | 4-Week Training Program & Nutrition Guide


Looking to get back into shape? This is your answer. 

This program includes 11 follow along videos:

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  1. Fullbody Blast 2
  2. Core 2
  3. Upperbody 2
  4. Lowerbody 2
  5. Conditioning 2

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  1. Fullbody Blast 1
  2. Core 1
  3. Upperbody 1
  4. Lowerbody 1
  5. Conditioning
  6. Stretching 1 & 2

    The program includes a 4-week calendar telling you exactly what videos to do each day. All you have to do is follow along and check off the workouts you accomplish. 

    Additionally, a nutritional guideline is includedIt outlines foods you should eat and foods you should avoid. We also suggest how much you should eat depending on your desired weight. Our nutritional plan is based on a whole food lifestyle and will not only help you achieve your goal weight but also help you keep it forever. 

    Exercises are low impact and safe for individuals of all age.